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Outline of YAMAMOTO CO.,LTD.
Founded 1918
Capital Stock 96 million Japanese Yen
Number of branch office in Japan 11
Employee 440
Main Products Rice processing equipment for country elevator and rice mill plant.
Address (Head Quarter) 404 Oinomori,Tendo-shi,Yamagata-ken 994-8611,Japan
Tel No 81(Country code)-23-653-3411
Fax No 81(Country code)-23-654-7781
Address (Tokyo Office) 1-8-9 Higashi-Ueno,Taito-Ku,Tokyo,110-0015,Japan
Tel No 81(Country code)-3-3831-1940
Fax No 81(Country code)-3-3831-1850
Country Elevator to process paddy for drying, tempering and storing.
Rice Mill Plant to produce milled rice including cleaning, milling, grading and packaging process.
Should you have any questions and /or inquiries, please get in touch with our International Department staff below:

Tel No:81(Country code)-23-653-3415

Fax No:81(Country code)-23-654-7781

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